Edificio Belsai

More information about Belsai Building

Belsai was born in 2006 with a desire for uniqueness, due to the will of the developer as well as for its location, in the city of Orihuela. It consists of two basement-parking levels, a ground floor for commercial premises and four floors for seven dwellings.

As well as being in the centre of the city, it is the border between the expansion district and the historic area, which is formally reflected in the composition of its façades.

The material used in the façade, given the singularity required fundamentally because of its location, could not be other than stone. In this case, we used a new stone in the area; a sandstone characterised by its golden colour with reddish reflections of iron oxide, and it was also used on all the façades, in the form of ashlars carved in situ by master stonemasons.

Belsai is a building that perfectly combines tradition and modernity, as it uses the latest technology in all its facilities, using home automation in most of them.


Belsai building




Ismael Pastor