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We are Mediterranean

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We are Samaguil

As a property developer in Costa Blanca, work through the architecture, to recover and publicize the authentic values of our culture and environment, without neglecting the design and functionality.

Our goal is to promote a modern architecture, but always inspired by traditional values. Materials, textures and colors that have been used since ancient times and today update to enjoy experience of living in spaces designed to detail.

Torrevieja II

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Costa Blanca

Our promotions in Alicante mean the balance between tradition and modernity. Homes to enjoy the Mediterranean life with maximum comfort, functional and environmentally friendly design.

Residencial Mirasal

Live a different life in your new home

We want your home to be that special place, comfortable, cozy and approachable, where you will always want to go back.

Feel the sea breeze

Take a walk through your new life.

Live the Mirasal Experience


Samaguil gave us what we were looking for. A property in Residencial Mirasal with materials of high quality and an excellent location.

Anthony Micallef Debono

I love the design in the Samaguil homes. They create with great taste appealing and modern edifications in which every detail is taken care of.

María Pilar Jiménez

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If you need more information, contact us through our contact form, or write directly to our email address and our team will answer your questions.


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03300 Orihuela, Alicante

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