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Respect and closeness

to our land’s tradition

We are Mediterranean

Homes with the scent from the Costa Blanca

Our signature mark is what makes us different. Samaguil is in search of building a total connection between the environment, the culture and the mediterranean traditions with modern architecture that will make you feel at home. Would you like to know what inspires us? Keep reading.

Somos mediterraneo

To copy popular art or the Spanish classic leads us to folklore or a stereotype. To pull out of its essence, to be able to extract the ingredients of truth, of modesty, of joy, of beauty, that is the way to open the path to a new architecture”. Miguel Fisac.


We try to use the traditional materials in the area in our constructions. Every smell and every sight will remind you that you are surrounded by a unique environment.

Inspiración mediterránea
Siente el Mediterráneo

An outdoor life, Mediterranean diet, beaches, art… We focus on everything that makes us different to create homes that invite you to enjoy all our traditions.


The vegetation in this area is unique. We use it to create spaces that maintain unity with the environment in which our constructions are located.

Historical background

Samaguil works to recover the authentic values of our culture and to promote modern architecture with an eye to tradition. The patio, the porch and the terrace as a transition to interiors, the relationship with the landscape, life outdoors, the shade… everything that makes us unique.

Mediterranean culture

Open spaces and nature. This is the hallmark of Samaguil. We know that life in the Mediterranean is different. That its people are special. That is why we focus on creating homes where you can enjoy Mediterranean life to the full and create your own story.

Mediterranean materials

A commitment to tradition, sustainability and efficiency

Terracotta is widely used as flooring in traditional Mediterranean houses, and among other aspects such as the aesthetic, due to its interesting capacity to absorb the humidity from the night dew and release it during the day with the effect of the sun, cooling the atmosphere.

Materiales mediterráneos

The beauty of natural stone, where it is most needed

Local natural stone is also widely used to build walls, floor coverings, bathrooms or even sinks and washbasins, as well as kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Mediterranean materials

A versatile coating, the aesthetic extra that makes us unique.

Tile was and still is used to cover any wall, interior and patio floors, walls in bathrooms or to form skirting boards in kitchens and dining rooms in homes, but also in churches and public buildings.

We are in love with this material, thanks to its properties, such as design, durability and sustainability.

Mediterranean materials

Keep the coolness in your home thanks to its pure white.

In addition to its use as a mortar, lime has historically been used as a coating through the whitewashing technique. Lime has many beneficial properties.

It is a breathable and healthy material, as it absorbs CO2. Being a natural product, it is environmentally friendly as it is a natural product.

Mediterranean materials

Feeling the sea breeze under a refreshing shade, what else can be asked for?

In Samaguil we love this material, since it is quite used in the area as a natural and economic resource to create refreshing shade under which to enjoy the sea breeze.

Mediterranean materials

A versatile and natural fiber essential that for centuries has been essential in construction

These fibers are used to make ropes, shoes, baskets, carpets and scouring pads. Its manufacture has been an important part of the economy of many villages in Spain and is still used to create decorative objects.

In construction, it is used to reinforce plaster, making it very strong.

Mediterranean materials

Lightweight and sturdy, with one step in the past and an eye into the future.

Wicker is light but strong, making it an ideal and inexpensive choice for patio furniture that will be moved and used frequently. It is a material deeply rooted in Mediterranean tradition to make baskets and rugs.

Natural vegetation

Feel the scent

Our respect for local tradition leads us to use native vegetation that impregnates all our projects with Mediterranean scents.

Sustainable environment

The vegetation in the Mediterranean coast is famous for its intense colours. Using local flora provides a palette of colours that will make you feel surrounded by what you were looking for.

Sustainable environment

Local vegetation adapts to the environment in which it grows. Its use is efficient thanks to its easy conservation.

Learn how we capture our inspiration

The essence of our land in every project, for you to experience every day.

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